About Us

Dr. Gail P. Myers

Dr. Sakile K. Camara

Ethel Jemila Sequeira, MSW

The Farmers X Change platform was originally organized and developed by three African American women who had a vision to see farmers remain financially viable by directly interacting with consumers, other farmers, farm affiliates, hotels, restaurants, and grocery stores.

Dr. Gail Myers is a cultural anthropologist who has studied and documented black farmers across the United States. Dr. Myers runs a 501c 3 non-profit called Farms To Grow and she has an authentic interest in helping farmers promote their legacy, document farm history, and improve sustainable local food communities.

This platform was originally designed by Dr. Sakile K. Camara. She is a tenured full professor at California State University, Northridge, and has researched communication strategies used in micro-interactions in which powerlessness is experienced. She brings to this project integrity-based designs that disrupt the status quo with the intent to elevate the user experience.

Ethel Jemila Sequeira- Jemila’s inspiration for her life work is to honor her ancestors by supporting present and future generations of Black people in our pursuit of healing and liberation. She joins us with over three decades of experience working in nonprofits, universities/colleges, the private business sector with an emphasis on community and economic development. Since 2008, she has dedicated her life work to support Black farmers and entrepreneurs. Jemila earned her master's in social work from the State University of Stony Brook, New York. Today she resides in Baltimore Maryland where she continues her life work supporting efforts focused on Black Food and Land Sovereignty.

We are honored to present this amazing platform intended for farmers to connect directly to consumers on a local to a global scale with ease. Now Farmers X Change is a space to gain access to the people looking for farm services/products like farm equipment agents, and caterers. There is a great advantage in a straightforward distribution process. Welcome to Farmers X Change. Subscribe here.

Mission - To deliver the most comprehensive platform to connect to farmers, every day, locally, regionally, and globally.

Our Values - To ensure that farmers have confidence in the people with whom they interact for business opportunities.

We value farmers all over the world and we seek to create a platform that encourages the best outcomes for patrons of farmers and equipment providers alike.

We strive to deliver the best possible results for our farmers, patrons, and partners.

The platform we create has a lasting and positive impact on the farmer’s productivity.

We are committed to a culture that promotes courtesy, respect for diversity, and the highest ethical behavior and corporate integrity.

We aspire to create innovative and valuable options on our digital platform.

We deliver quantifiable value to our customers and provide real ROI across the agricultural value chain.